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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

RELEASE: Jones Machine versus Smith Machine

July 27, 2005 (COLUMBUS, OH) Max Rack, Inc. - In a licensing agreement signed between Max Rack, Inc. and Recreation Supply, Inc. that sells under the brand name BodyCraft, a new product in free weight lifting emerges called THE JONES machine. Using Max Rack’s patented 3-D technology, the Jones machine, manufactured and sold under the brand name BodyCraft, will allow a free weight barbell to float up, down, backwards and forwards with the lock-out capability of a traditional Smith machine. So wherever a lifter fails during an exercise, they can immediately rack the barbell for ultimate safety. According to Kirt Moritz, General Manager of Max Rack, Inc., “The new Jones machine is far superior over those old fashioned Smiths because the Jones is not restricted like the Smiths one-dimensional movement.” Lifters know natural movement without restrictions has been proven to prevent long-term back and joint injury creating a huge advantage for the Jones over the Smith. For the traditionalists, the Jones can also be locked down with an easy to use pop pin to simulate the Smith machine lift. “We are really excited about the Jones machine and believe that both home and commercial customers will quickly migrate from those old fashioned one-dimensional Smiths to the new Jones” said Alan Gore, Co-owner of Recreation Supply Company. The Jones machine will begin arriving in specialty exercise equipment stores nationwide by November, 2005. Company Contacts Max Rack, Inc., Kirt Moritz, 1-866-231-3383, http://www.maxrack.com/ Recreation Supply Company, Alan Gore, 1-800-990-5556, http://www.bodycraft.com/

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