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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Power Factor Strength Training Computer with Calorie Counter

The World's First Real-Time Feedback for Strength Training is Power Factor. Maximize calorie burn, athletic performance, weight loss!

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You would never use a treadmill, exercise bike or elliptical machine without having a display board to tell you how you're doing. So why are you lifting weights without a Power Factor?

Fits All Strength Equipment - Guaranteed!

Power Factor works on all Weight Bars, Home Gyms, Dumbbells, Multi-Station Gyms, Circuit & Selectorized Machines guaranteed or receive a 100% refund!

Research has proven that working out with instant feedback improves your results. Using the Power Factor Weight Lifting Computer with Calorie Counter, you can see your results instantly for each rep, set and workout.

The Power Factor shows you 7 measurements including calories burned, to improve your strength training workout.

Weight Lifted: is the total weight lifted during your workout. On the Power Factor you'll know the weight lifted for each rep, set and workout. If your goal is to work harder every workout, just increase your tonnage of weight lifted from workout to workout.

Power Factor: is the international standard measurement for strength training. What's Your Power Factor? Compare your Power Factor with anyone's regardless of body weight.

Calories Burned: or Kcalories is the measurement of energy used by your body during strength training. The force, weight lifted, bar speed and distance all are used to calculate the calories.

Speed: is the bar speed feet-per-second. Programs may require fast, slow or moderate levels of speed to accomplish individual goals. Are you moving the bar too fast? Maybe you should add more weight.

Work Time: is the time you are physically moving the weight during a workout. No more cheating.

Rest Time: is the time your are not moving the weight. Rest time begins when the weight is stopped from moving for more than 3-seconds.

Watts: is a measurement of power output. 1 foot-per-seond equals 1.356 watts. This measurement is evaluated for athletic performance.

History of the Max Rack

Star Trac
Max Rack 3-D

Jones Machine with 3-D Technology

Max Rack 3-D
Retired 01/2006

Max Rack Studio
Retired 06/2005

Max Rack Pro
Retired 12/2004

VIDEO: Close Grip Bench Press

VIDEO: Bicep Curl Video

3-D Technology Invented Here

3-D Technology Invented Here
User Defined, Free Weight Movement.

Invented in 1999 by Mr. Steve Skilken, Max Rack 3-D Technology allows the bar on a traditional Smith machine to move forward/backward and up/down simultaneously for smooth, user defined movement. Yet the Max Rack provides all the safety of a traditional Smith for solo lifting in the club or at home. Watch the online videos. Today, Max Rack is used everyday by multi thousands of users across the World and is considered the premier dual action weight lifting machine for safety and smoothness.

• User Defined Motion will not Cause Injury. Medical research suggests that the one-dimensional movement of a traditional Smith can cause serious injury to the lower back, knees and shoulders. Traditional Smiths restricted a lifter’s natural motion causing serious injuries to muscles and joints. With Max Rack 3-D Technology the movement is user-defined, natural and safe which will not cause these injuries. Read these articles at the Max Rack forum.

• Max Rack 3-D Technology is Licensed to only 3 Premier Manufacturers. As the inventors and patent holders of this technology our goal was to expand its use both domestic and Internationally. Therefore, we have partnered with the three premier manufacturers in our industry to develop and distribute the Max Rack across the world. These partners include; Bodycraft, LAMAR Health, Fitness & Sports, and STAR TRAC Strength

• Max Rack 3-D Smith is Self-Spotting Too! So what is self-spotting? It means that you can lift weights by yourself without the need of a spotter. In fact, the Max Rack has three different safety catches. A lifter may fall forwards, fall backwards or drop the bar straight down to the side safety catches and still be protected from serious injury. Now you can have the best in a free weight machine with self-spotting safety for the ultimate strength training workout

• Customers in Every Market. Max Rack 3-D is sold both domestic and Internationally to clubs, gyms, corporate fitness centers, and more. See our customer list now. Call us at 1-866-231-3383 to learn more about the Max Rack

• How to Purchase. Call one of our three partners or your local sales representatives. You can also purchase online at the Max Rack store or by calling us at 1-866-231-3383.

Bodycraft's Jones Machine with 3-D Technology

Bodycraft's Jones Machine (Not just another Smith!)
Unique racking system allows for instant safety at any point during a lift!

The Jones Machinewith patented 3-D Technology licensed from Max Rack, Inc., provides lifters with an alternative safety mechanism. With a simple "twist" of the wrist, the weight bar is instantly "racked" into place because the racks move with the weight bar. Adjustable side safety bars add that last extra measure of security in case of failure. Smooth 3-D action feels just like lifting free weights in the gym, but with the safety of a traditional Smith machine. Manuractured by Bodycraft.

• Patented 3-D Technology provides over 55 unrestricted free weight lifting exercises.

• Moving rack system lets lifter rack bar at any point during a lift.

• Ideal for presses, lunges, and squats.

• It's self-spotting with adjustable side gates, for solo lifting at home or in the gym. Work out safely with our innovative self-sporrint system - - providing three ways to protect you from serious injury during failures.

• Pooper pins lock for traditional smith machine exercises

• Three weight bar options plus both Residential and Commercial versions.

Star Trac's Max Rack 3-D Smith Machine

Star Trac's Max Rack 3-D Smith Machine
The safest, smoothest, free weight workout system in the World!

Max Rack 3-D Smith is a complete self-spotting workout system that mimics free weight lifting. Traditional Smiths restricted a lifter’s natural motion, that experts say can cause serious injury to the shoulders, back and knees. Only the Max Rack with patented 3-D technology, offers lifters smooth, natural, and safe workouts. Licensed to and manufactured by Star Trac.

• Patented 3-D Technology provides over 55 unrestricted free weight exercises. Our larger lifting area is ideal for lunges, bicep curls, squats and Power cleans.

• Vertical PLUS horizontal simultaneous barbell movement mimics free weight lifting...to build muscle tone and exercise without worrying about serious injury.

• Ideal for presses, curls, lunges, squats, cleans, and Olympic lifts.

• It's self-spotting with adjustable side gates, for solo lifting at home or in the gym. Work out safely with our innovative self-sporrint system - - providing three ways to protect you from serious injury during failures.

• Includes weight plate storage.