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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How Much Weight Should You Be Able To Lift

Here are some guidelines in determinning if you are physically fit.

Multiply the weight being lifted times your body weight to determine if your are good, fit, strong, or a stud. For example; a 200 pound person doing a 200 pound bench press is good. If that person could lift 400 pounds they would be a stud.

Bench Press 1X Body Wt. = Good 1.15X = Fit 1.55X = Strong 2X = Stud

Barbell Curl 0.4X Body Wt. = Good 0.5X = Fit 0.75X = Strong 0.9X = Stud

Power Clean 0.8X Body Wt. = Good 1.1X = Fit 1.3X = Strong 1.6X = Stud

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