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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

RELEASE: Power Factor Set to Revolutionize Strength Training

June 27, 2006 (COLUMBUS, OH) Max Rack, Inc. - The first affordable, real-time weight lifting computer with calorie counter is soon hitting gyms and retailers nationwide. The same technology that revolutionized the treadmill will now change the face of strength training, allowing anyone to count calories burned, track rest time and adjust bar speed while lifting. Max Rack, Inc., an international maker and marketer of fitness equipment, is proud to introduce the Power Factor Weight Lifting Computer. Power Factor is strength training technology that provides instant feedback to anyone wanting to burn more calories, maximize athletic performance and lose body fat. The computer displays calories burned and “Power Factor”, two standard measurements never before displayed in strength training. Power Factor users can also hear (audible tones) when the bar is being lifted too fast or too slow, depending on individual workout goals, while an integrated stop watch measures work time and rest time to help lifters stay on target. The Power Factor computer attaches to everything from home gyms to multi-station gyms and individual dumbbells. It can accommodate up to four users at one time. “The real time feedback in easy to understand measurements will attract more people to strength training,” says Kirt Moritz of Max Rack. The user gets a reading of calories burned per rep, set and total work out showing instantly that strength training is accomplishing an end goal. “Strength training is crucial to weight control. As an individual builds muscle, he (or she) will increase their metabolic rate, which is important for weight loss and long term weight control. Power Factor helps answer the question, ‘How am I doing?’ which is essential to one’s motivation and accomplishments,” says Bob Esquerre, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer and National Speaker. The Power Factor computer also offers a “Power Factor” numeral read out that is a ratio of strength power to body weight. An individual can raise their Power Factor by lowering their body weight, increasing their weight lifted or increasing their bar speed. “We expect to hear everyone from the competitive athlete to the average user comparing Power Factor numbers,” continued Moritz. The Power Factor number gives users an equal measurement to compare themselves against the World’s population in determining their personal power and strength. Max Rack, Inc. offers two primary fitness products, the Power Factor computer and the Max Rack 3-D Smith Machine. For more information on Power Factor and Max Rack , Inc. visit www.maxrack.com.

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