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Friday, August 24, 2007

How Does Power Factor Work?

The Power Factor has 4 pieces that are used to accurately measure your strength training effort.

(1) Display Board: (pictured above) is the visual screen and keypad that enables a lifter to see and interact with the unit. The microprocessors retrieve data from the Optical Wire Encoder to instantly calculate and display a users data. Up to 4 users can use a single Power Factor display board. The TOTAL button can be used to see cumulative results for an entire workout.

(2) Optical Wire Encoder (patent pending): is a precisely engineered spool of flexible wire with an optical encoder inside a plastic casing to read within 1/8" accuracy the speed and distance the weight is moving. This encoder provides all the data to the display board for calculating a users progress.

(3) Data Cable: is the connecting cord between the Display Board and Optical String Encoder for sending information between the two for real-time measurements.

(4) Battery Charger: is the charger used to power your Power Factor for up to 100 hours of continuous use or 3 months.Price: $129.00.

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